The Noahite Nations: the Shemites

The name Shem (Strong’s H8034 and H8035) denotes “an appellation, as a mark or memorial of individuality; by implication honor, authority, character” (Strong’s s.v. Shem), “a good name or reputation” or “a celebrated name, fame” (Gesenius’ s.v. Shem). Accordingly Shem was the forebear of God’s elect Adamic lineage from whom sprang Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and,Continue reading “The Noahite Nations: the Shemites”

Physical Descriptions of the Adamites, Shemites, Hebrews, Israelites and Judahites

In recent times it has become popular to claim that the ancient Israelites were racially alien to modern Europeans. This idea stems from the recent anti-White and anti-Christian cultural movements which find it beneficial to convince Whites that Christianity is alien to the Europoid race. Even White nationalists have taken up this narrative to supportContinue reading “Physical Descriptions of the Adamites, Shemites, Hebrews, Israelites and Judahites”

The Noahite Nations: the Hamites

The name Ham (H2525) means “hot” or “warm” (Gesenius’ and Strongs’ s.v.) and fittingly his descendants dwelt generally in the Southern reaches of the Adamic world. Many scholars have sought to find an identity for certain of the non-Adamic races among the Hamites on account of the fact that the Hamites had territories established inContinue reading “The Noahite Nations: the Hamites”

The Noahite Nations: the Japhethites

The name Japheth (H3315) means “expansion” (Strong’s s.v.) or “widely extending” (Gesenius’ s.v.) and fittingly his descendants were dispersed widely across the Mediterranean from Anatolia to Iberia and also throughout Iran, the Caucasus, Russia and Eastern Europe. While his descendants undoubtedly spread to further regions and diverged into new tribal branches, much of what weContinue reading “The Noahite Nations: the Japhethites”

The Christian Answer to the Jewish Question

Unfortunately we White Christians are a gullible lot. For the most part we are too innocent or naive for us to grasp the treacherous nature of the devils among us or to anticipate their sheer depravity. Normal God-fearing folks are often baffled when they learn of such evils as gender theory, the push for theContinue reading “The Christian Answer to the Jewish Question”

Zoroastrian and Christian Parallels

In prerequisite writings I hope to have established that the Israelites of the Assyrian captivity were dispersed throughout the Iranic world which reached across the Steppe and into Europe. There they were known variously as Saka, Kimmerians and Scythians. These went on to form the foremost racial element of the modern Celto-Germanic peoples. This isContinue reading “Zoroastrian and Christian Parallels”

Refuting “Black Hebrew Israelites”

I wish I’d never had cause to write this, but there is an ideology which I must address: “Black Hebrew Israelites”. As the name indicates, this Afrocentric ideology contends that the descendants of Israel today are found in certain Negroe tribes, most notably African Americans. To me this notion seems absolutely laughable, but many doContinue reading “Refuting “Black Hebrew Israelites””

Concerning the Ancient Aethiops

As many Christian Identity folks are already aware, many try to claim the Ethiopians/Cushites were negroes. Usually this is done in an attempt to support a universalist position. Favoured claims are that Moses’ wife Zipporah was a negress and that the Ethiopian eunuch was a negroe. These claims are all easily refuted, but that isContinue reading “Concerning the Ancient Aethiops”

The Serpent Race in the Gospel of Matthew

In recent writings I have endeavoured to illustrate that the events of Genesis chapters 1-3 represent the creation of the children of God, and the corruption of that creation by Satan. This culminates in the conflict of Genesis 3.15: “I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: sheContinue reading “The Serpent Race in the Gospel of Matthew”

The Origins of the Serpent Seed

To understand our current plight as Christians we must have an understanding of the origins of not only ourselves, but of our adversaries. After the creation of Adam and his placement in the garden of Eden there was to be found a tree of knowledge of good and evil. Many understand this tree to beContinue reading “The Origins of the Serpent Seed”

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