Caucasian Ancient Hamites

The bust of ethnically Berber Roman Emperor Macrinus, Capitoline Museums, Rome. There is widespread confusion in the world today concerning the racial character of the ancient Egyptians and other Hamites. Largely this is due to the rise of Negrocentric revisionism in recent decades as African Americans desperately seek a cultural identity worthy of pride. ThereContinue reading “Caucasian Ancient Hamites”

White Ancient Aram

The Syrians were descendants of Aram, the brother of Arphaxad, the forebear of the Hebrews. The ancient Syrians left behind many funerary reliefs depicting themselves. These clearly display the Europoid features of the offspring of Aram, cousins of the ancient Israelites. The tomb of Rekhmire in Thebes (Theban Tomb TT100) contains murals depicting red hairedContinue reading “White Ancient Aram”

The House of the Pharoahs and the Ancient Hebrews

Ossipumphnoferu. He was the general of Thutmose III who was probably the Exodus pharaoh. Three passages in the Pentateuch indicate that the Israelites were physically similar to the Egyptian nobility that ruled when the Israelites dwelt there and could not be easily distinguished from them (Genesis 42.8, 50.1-11, Exodus 2.19). Considering the racially tumultuous historyContinue reading “The House of the Pharoahs and the Ancient Hebrews”

The Noahite Nations: the Hamites

The name Ham (Strong’s H2525) means “hot” or “warm” (Gesenius’ and Strongs’ s.v.) and fittingly his descendants dwelt generally in the Southern reaches of the Adamic world. Many scholars have sought to find an identity for certain of the non-Adamic races among the Hamites on account of the fact that the Hamites had territories establishedContinue reading “The Noahite Nations: the Hamites”

The Dispersions of Israel: the Danaans and Dorians

The Lion Hunt Mosaic, Pella, Greece. It has often been taken for granted that the Hellenic peoples of the Aegean, without any substantial exception, descended from the Japhethic patriarch Javan (Genesis 10.2). Indeed, Javan seems to have sired many of the early Greeks, particularly the Ionians, but there remain many unanswered questions about Greek ethnogenesisContinue reading “The Dispersions of Israel: the Danaans and Dorians”

Concerning the Ancient Aethiops

The duel of Achilles (L) and Memnon the Ethiopian (R), grave amphora, Campania, Italy, 4th century BC. As many Adamic Christians are already aware, many try to claim the Ethiopians/Cushites were negroes. Usually this is done in an attempt to support a racial universalist position. Favoured claims based on this premise are that the EthiopianContinue reading “Concerning the Ancient Aethiops”

Refuting “Black Hebrew Israelites”

I wish I’d never had cause to write this, but there is an ideology which I must address: “Black Hebrew Israelites”. As the name indicates, this Afrocentric ideology contends that the descendants of Israel today are found in certain Negroe tribes, most notably African Americans. To me it seems laughable to think that the Bible,Continue reading “Refuting “Black Hebrew Israelites””

Who Killed Jesus?

For centuries Christians considered the Jews to be the primary guilty party involved in the crucifixion. Whether we consider the New Testament, ante-Nicaean Christian works like Peri Pascha or the Gospel of Peter, post-Nicaean Christian works like Chrysostom’s Adversus Judaeos, later Protestant works such as Martin Luther’s On the Jews and Their Lies or anyContinue reading “Who Killed Jesus?”

The Noahite Nations: the Shemites

The name Shem (Strong’s H8034 and H8035) denotes “an appellation, as a mark or memorial of individuality; by implication honor, authority, character” (Strong’s s.v. Shem), “a good name or reputation” or “a celebrated name, fame” (Gesenius’ s.v. Shem). Accordingly Shem was the forebear of God’s elect Adamic lineage from whom sprang Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and,Continue reading “The Noahite Nations: the Shemites”

Biblical Descriptions of the Adamic Israelites

In recent times it has become popular to claim that the ancient Israelites were racially alien to modern Europeans. This idea stems from the recent anti-White and anti-Christian cultural movements which find it beneficial to convince Whites that Christianity is alien to the Europoid race. While this notion has gained traction in recent years, centuriesContinue reading “Biblical Descriptions of the Adamic Israelites”

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