The Noahite Nations: the Japhethites

The name Japheth (Strong’s H3315) means “expansion” (Strong’s s.v.) or “widely extending” (Gesenius’ s.v.) and fittingly his descendants were dispersed widely across the Mediterranean from Anatolia to Iberia and also throughout Iran, the Caucasus, Russia and Eastern Europe. While his descendants undoubtedly spread to further regions and diverged into new tribal branches, much of whatContinue reading “The Noahite Nations: the Japhethites”

A Brood of Vipers: the Serpent’s Seed

To understand our current plight as Christians we must have an understanding of the origins of not only ourselves, but of our adversaries. After the creation of Adam and his placement in the garden of Eden there was to be found a tree of knowledge of good and evil. Many understand this tree to beContinue reading “A Brood of Vipers: the Serpent’s Seed”

Adam: the Patriarch of One Race

One of the greatest misunderstandings of Scripture ever known is the belief that Adam was the father of all hominids. This teaching has caused many to turn away from the message of the Scriptures because this interpretation makes an anthropological absurdity of the Biblical narrative. Hopefully by the end of this presentation my readers shallContinue reading “Adam: the Patriarch of One Race”

Fornication, Adultery and Idolatry: a Biblical Case Against Miscegenation and Multiculturalism

It is clear from many factors that the story of Scripture is about one single race and its struggles against both moral and racial corruption at the hands of evil. Here I will not discuss the origination of this struggle at any length as I have undertaken that endeavour elsewhere. ‘Adam: The Patriarch of OneContinue reading “Fornication, Adultery and Idolatry: a Biblical Case Against Miscegenation and Multiculturalism”

Concerning the Non-Adamic Races

As many of you know and as I have endeavoured to establish throughout my writings, the legitimate descendants of the biblical patriarch Adam are found only among the Caucasian race. This is proven by the identification of the biblical nations, physical descriptions of the Adamites in Scripture and a comparison of Scripture to the archaeologicalContinue reading “Concerning the Non-Adamic Races”

The Satanic Origins of the Kenite, Canaanite and Edomite Jews

The people who bear the name of Jews today are commonly regarded by a large swath of modern Christendom as the legitimate and whole chosen people of Scripture. This of course puzzles many people, for these Jews have historically been enemies of Christianity and every bastion of Christian morality in the West. Could the electContinue reading “The Satanic Origins of the Kenite, Canaanite and Edomite Jews”

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